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1. Zdjęcie produktu

2. Szkice 2D

3. Model 3D

4. Gotowy pendrive







Complete our no obligation quote form and we will send you the price list. A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to assist you with the entire process should you face any difficulties. Ask any question you have to your account manager and we assure you that all will be answered. Sending a logo in vector format will speed up the process.






Oferta i projekt graficzny

Review the quote and digital proof we emailed you and request any additional information you need to make a decision. Ask for as many changes you need in the digital proof until you are 100% satisfied.

* Note: Carefully review the digital proof. Since the orders are fully customized we cannot make any changes or cancel the order beyond this stage.






As soon as you approve the Digital Proof the order would go into the production stage. Here our production team would make use of state-of-the-art technology and customize the products as per your order. Production time may vary depending on the volume of the order and the amount of customization involved.

Simultaneously our finance team will prepare the invoice and ensure that the invoice amount has been settled. Orders will be shipped upon realization of payment, unless your company is pre-approved for credit. We accept payment by Credit Card, PayPal and Wire Transfers.




KROK 4 : 

Kontrola jakości i wysyłka

In the post production stage our quality control team would closely scrutinize the order and this includes both automated tests as well as visual screening. Once the Quality Control process is over our packaging team would take your order forward and prepare it for shipment. Shipping details will be email with the tracking number so you can track your order.